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Residential Home Inspections

Tom’s unique experience as a contractor, a credentialed home inspector, and a licensed tradesman guarantees buyers a thorough service and unparalleled insight.

If you are planning to build a home or see a major remodeling project in your future, we can keep your project on time, on spec and on budget with our residential construction control audit services.

For buyers, it is important to conduct a proper home inspection.  Understanding the condition of the house before you buy will eliminate unpleasant surprises that can result in significant unexpected costs, liabilities, and potentially decreased property value. The inspection experience will provide detailed insight into the construction of the home and common issues that plague this geographical area.

During your inspection you can expect a high level of attention and a sharp eye in the following categories:

  • Grading and drainage with a map
  • Structural foundation & basement
  • Exterior structure Including porches & decks
  • Wood destroying insects
  • Electrical systems and wiring
  • Plumbing and heating systems
  • Interior finishes
  • Windows
  • Doors and points of entry
  • Weather Integrity (roof, gutters, and chimneys)
  • Exterior trim and siding
  • Insulation & Ventilation
  • Hazardous materials
  • Other accessories

Our reputation is our badge of honor. We come highly recommended and encourage you to speak with the clients and realtors we serve. 

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